Businesses and the general public are recognising the importance of keeping their home or work environment in as clean a condition as possible, to help reduce the spread of bacteria.
As a result of this, there is a growing requirement for businesses to provide staff with PPE supplies, as a result of the recent pandemic.
UK Packaging Suppliers recognise this important issue, and now sell a range of quality PPE and hygiene related items. 3 ply face masks and N95's, hand sanitizers, first aid kits, centrefeed paper towels, disposable gloves and aprons - you can ensure your home or work environment is equipped with the hygiene / protective solutions required for the modern day.
Face Masks
Various types of face masks available
Disinfecting Wet Wipes
Alcohol free - can be used on hands and surfaces
Hand Sanitizer Gels
Alcohol based gels in various sized bottles and dispensers.
Hand Sanitizer Spray
Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer Spray
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